Rody Air Inc. was established in 1997 by Rody Shirom . Rody’s honesty, pride in his work, customer satisfaction #1, experience and dedication allowed Rody Air Inc. to grow and make a great name for itself. We currently run installation crews, and have certified service technicians that adheres is to all Building & Safety Codes & Regulations.
Our mission is to build a good partnership within our company that is based on respect, compassion, and loyalty and so with that we could provide the same aspect in our customer’s joint venture and earn their trust and honesty.
We are committed to building and exceeding our expectations in accomplishing 100% satisfaction towards our clientele.
To serve our customers with the same admiration we would like to receive.
To attain to our ethics and moral value when presented on a job.
To be committed in maintaining customer satisfaction, trust and integrity by delivering quality products and services conforming.